What can I expect?
The Richwood Chapel focuses on three basic things: Learn, Live, and Lead.

What if I am not right with God?
That is why we are here. No one begins with a complete understanding of the word of God.

How are you different than the other congregations around?
We do not beg for money. We teach there is only one truth and we do not hide it from you - the truth is knowable and it will not be changed. We teach you how to hear and understand the voice of God. The entire Bible is taught. We do not use modernized Bibles.

I have had problems with other congregations. What do I do?
The Richwood Chapel is a place to start fresh. We enjoy peace and avoid discord.

What are the services like?
Most of those who worship here are normally home in time for lunch on Sunday. We sing both traditional and newer songs using stringed instruments and a song director, or trio. There is a prayer bench at the front. We keep the services plain, simple, and easy to understand. You won't hear us speaking anything but words that are understandable (unless the pastor gets tongue-tied). We like living for God: It is fun. Yes, the pastor will preach about eternity (the lake of fire, or heaven), living without sin ( against bad things- or things that are not right), modesty, and the tactics that the devil uses in today's world to fight against people's souls, but it is not harsh or mean.

What denomination are you?
We are not part of a overseeing body, Richwood Chapel uses the Bible as our guide and follow after Jesus. We meet for worship with several other congregations  are Christ-centered, Bible-based and Spirit led.

Meet the Pastor
Nathan and Jodee Harding were married in 1997 and have dedicated their lives to serving God. They are enjoying the time God has given them together.

Nathan and Jodee have always been willing to work for God. They cleaned the worship house, mowed the grass, operated the sound and recording equipment, and played musical instruments in the worship services for many years. Nathan served as a minister while Jodee supported her husband and filled in anytime something needed doing.

Nathan received an ecclesiastical endorsement in November 2001 from Pastor G. William Harding and the congregation and ministry fully ordained he and his wife in 2010. He has since followed his burden as a preacher. During his three years in the military, Nathan served as the acting Chaplain for the unit he was stationed with and was also the police Chaplain for a local health organization. Nathan has an Advanced Certification in Leadership Studies.  Additionally, he holds degrees in Organizational Leadership, Executive Leadership, and Biblical Studies.

Although Nathan is a full-time pastor, he is also employed as the director and owner of VIR-COM, LLC, a customer service, education, and consulting firm. This position offers flexibility, allowing him the time to minister unhindered to the congregation.

Sister Jodee enjoys cooking, quilting and playing the piano, while Brother Nathan spends his free time assisting at the senior apartments, writing, working on projects around the house, or fixing things for others. Nathan and Jodee like meeting new people. They also enjoy gardening and the outdoors: hiking, fishing, campfires, and taking scenic trips.

After following his father, Pastor G. William Harding’s leadership (a gifted teacher and missionary), for nearly 30 years, Nathan and Jodee were called by God to pursue their commission and establish a place of worship in Richwood, Ohio. Pastor Nathan Harding has held the oversight of the congregation since its founding in May 2007.


Contact Info

Richwood Chapel's Location

117 E Ottawa St
Richwood, Ohio 43344
Contact Information

Pastor Nathan Harding
(740) 267-4020
EST 9A-5P (Text / Call)
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